Sweepers and Janitorial Products

Floor Cleaning Machines provides a range of sweepers and janitorial products

floor sweepers

German Made Quality Haaga Sweepers

Sweepers – Walk behind from Push to Battery Driven. Models available to accommodate from home outdoor use to industrial – 3,600m2

How easy is this……, park the “old” broom that creates dust when sweeping that allows particles that are air Borne to rest on benches and shelves etc….

Clean fast and increase your productivity time….reduce your sweeping/cleaning time by up to 80%……to the “old” pushing a broom around method….

Sweep, Remove and Dispose with a quality sweeper…….

Our sweepers – Sweep fine dust, course dirt, sand, leaves, sticks, bottles, broken glass, wrappers, food, almost anything that could fit thru a 10″ X 4″ opening big or small debris.

Overview – Low Maintenance & Warranty

  • 4 Year Warranty on brush wear
  • Battery or Manual brush drive
  • iSweep allows the gears to be self-lubricating without wear
  • Overlaying disc brushes for better performance
  • Brush height adjustment to clean various types of surfaces
  • Brush down holder and wall/curb roller
  • Unique beltless drive for durability and ease of use
  • Intelligent Airflow System to minimise dust
  • Sweeping wet or dry
  • Telescopic height adjustable handle
  • Vertical storage to save space


Suitable for facility managers, cleaning companies, warehouses, factories and for other large industrials.

Janitor Cart – Blue

  • Ideal general purpose janitorial cart
  • Superior design and strength with extra thick base
  • Convenient storage shelves
  • Dimensions: W465 x D1125 x H970mm (80ltr bag)
janitor utility cart

Utility Cart

  • A multi-purpose cart ideal for use in food courts, hotels, libraries and workshops
  • Easy to clean and quality wheels
  • Dimensions: W500 x D1020 x H980mm

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