Commercial Floor Cleaning

We offer a variety of commercial & industrial floor cleaners and steamers to suit every budget and every industry

Rotowash -The Superior Floor Cleaner

The Rotowash machine is designed to deep clean, scrub, and dry all commercial floor surfaces, including carpet, vinyl, textured tiles and grout lines and many unique floor surfaces. The Rotowash is simple, fast and effective.

Rotowash Features:
  • Portable & easy to use
  • Reduce chemical usage by up to 90%
  • Reduce water usage by up to 90%
  • Scrubs, washes & dries all floor surfaces – indoor or outdoor
  • Quality Assurance – internationally recognised safety standards:
  • Specialised commercial and industrial applications including escalators, travelators and entrance matting
  • Deep cleans including tiles, grout lines, porcelain, carpets, timber, vinyl, pavers and more.
  • Large water container to capture dirty water

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If you would like further information on any of recommended commercial floor cleaning machines please reach out to one of our friendly team

Veterinary Practices

Maintain hygienically clean floors without using harsh expensive chemicals. Rotowash floor cleaning machines scrub, rinse and dry floor surfaces leaving them ready to walk on almost immediately.  Designed to deep clean ALL floor surfaces, including regupol, vinyl, textured tiles including grout lines, the Rotowash is a must for any veterinary practice. The Rotowash leaves your floors clean, hygenic and infection free every time, all the time.   

Hospital & Aged Care Facilities

Hospital & Aged Care Facilities

At Rotowash SA we understand that you need to maintain high cleaning standards in nursing homes and aged care facilities as the elderly are more susceptible to infections. However, given the size of most aged care facilities and high frequency of spills occurring this can be a difficult task with the incorrect equipment. Our Rotowash or our Steam Cleaners can help maintain the highest hygiene standard in your health care facility.

Childcare and Early Learning

Keeping childcare facilities and kindergartens hygienically cleaned is now simple,  effective, and safe with the Rotowash. Deep clean all floor surfaces while reducing chemical usage by up to 90% less with Rotowash.

Contract Cleaners

Contract Cleaners

Rotowash SA understands that your business needs the ability to deliver efficient, effective, high quality results to your clients. With outstanding manoeuvrability all floors can be simultaneously scrubbed, rinsed and dried in a single pass. Our compact machine sizes make them it easy to transport.

Hotel & Motel

From the bedrooms, to bathroom to kitchen, and everything in between, Rotowash is the one machine to clean all your floor types, including carpets, textured tiles and grout lines and many other unique floor surfaces. Rotowash’s unique design lifts your carpet pile and removes trapped soiling that creates bad odours.

Hotels & Motels
Sports & Gymnasium

Sports & Recreation Centers and Gyms

Whether you have rubber, foam, carpet, vinyl or all a mixture of all these floor surfaces, Rotowash is the floor cleaning solution for you.   Avoid the spreading of germs, bacteria, mold and stuck on dirt, and stand out from the rest with hygienically cleaned floors.

Manufacturing & Food Processing

When hygienic standards are of the highest, Rotowash provides an efficient and highly effective solution to maintaining the standards required for regulatory compliance.

Manufacturing & Food Processing
Escalators & Travelators

Escalators and Travellators

No area is too difficult for the Rotowash. Fast, simple, safe and highly effective; see the results for yourself.

Need more information on our commercial products?

If you would like further information on any of recommended commercial floor cleaning machines please reach out to one of our friendly team