Commercial Steam Cleaners

A steam cleaner is the ultimate deep cleaning machine

We only supply high quality steam cleaning machines, suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic use. These floor & steam cleaners are capable of offering a deep, hygienic clean without the use of chemicals, and only using minimal water. Choose a steam and vacuum model to get rid of bacteria, or one with detergent injection for lifting stubborn dirt. Steam is highly effective on carpet, as well as when used in a floor tile cleaning machine.

MC Vapor 9

The MC Vapor 9 is A high powered steam cleaner with hot water injection made from stainless Steel.

The MC Vapor 9  is a a high pressure steam cleaner boasting  9 Bar of steam pressure with the ability to inject hot water to wash away thick grease and grime with ease.

The MC Vapor is powered by high temperature steam which cleans deep below the surface to lift heavy dirt and grime unlike any other cleaner. It can clean a huge variety of everyday surfaces including a large range of floor types, walls, windows, curtains, mattresses, upholstery furniture, kitchens and bathrooms.

Technical Features
  • Steam Pressure: 9 Bar
  • Recharging System: Auto
  • Refill Tank :2.5L
  • Ready Steam: 8 Min
  • Boiler material: Stainless Steel
  • Vacuum: No
  • Hot Water Injection: YES
  • Size:44Lx30Wx27H
  • Weight: 14Kg
Included Accessories
mc vapor 9 accessories


Optional Accessories
  • Steam Mop with Microfiber Pad
  • Iron

mc vapor 9 optional accessories

vega steam cleaning machine

Vega Plus

The VEGA PLUS is a powerful 9 -bar steam generator, suitable for different commercial industries such as hospitals, bakeries, restaurants, schools and many more.

It comes in a standard 10 amp or can be upgraded to a more powerful 15 amp system.

Technical Features
  • Maximum Pressure:9 BAR
  • Maximum Temperature::175° C
  • Steam output (water):80gr./min. – 4.8lt./hour
  • Electric Heating Power: 2200/3300 Watt
  • Boiler Volume:3.1lt.
  • Total power:2200 or 3500 Watt
  • Heat up time:9 minutes
  • Voltage:230V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Boiler Material:Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • Dimensions LxWxH:cm 79 x 40 x 105
  • Net Weight:48 kg
  • Dry Steam Regulation:Manual – 0 to maximum
  • Detergent & vacuum:YES
  • Detergent Tank Volume:5lt. PET Canister
  • Vacuum Power:1200Watt
  • Vacuum Container Volume:15lt.
  • Length Power Cable:5 metre
Included Accessories
vega accessories


Optional Accessories
  • Steam Mop with Microfiber Pad

vega optional accessories

Athena 8 Plus

The Athena 8 Plus is a compact steam and vacuum machine with a steam jet that can reach a pressure of 8 bar. It is a powerful and ecologic machine, which sucks solids and liquids. There is no need to change filters or bags periodically since it uses the natural properties of water and steam to ensure the maximum hygiene and cleanness, while respecting the environment.

The Athena 8 Plus uses high temperature steam to deep clean below the surface and effectively lift built up dirt and grime unlike other cleaners on the market. The Athena can deep clean a huge variety of everyday surfaces including floors, walls, windows, curtains, upholstery furniture, mattresses, kitchens and bathrooms.

Technical Features
  • Steam Pressure: 8 Bar
  • Recharging System: Auto/Manual
  • Ready Steam: 6 Min
  • Boiler size: 2.5 Lt
  • Boiler material: Stainless Steel
  • Vacuum: YES  5 Levels
  • Vacuum power: 2400MM
  • Vacuum Tank Capacity: 6Lt.
  • Detergent  Injection: YES
  • Size: 37 x 30 x 50
  • Weight: 12Kg

Some of its most important features:

  • plastic high-resistance protects against shocks
  • cooled ergonomic handle
  • intuitive switchboard with digital display
  • controls and adjustments also on the handle
  • double turbine motor
  • great collection capacity up to 6 litres
  • the biggest water filter in its category
  • molecular separator
  • steam at 8 bar with unlimited supply
  • energy-saving boiler
Included Accessories

athena accessories

Optional Accessories
  • Professional Upholstery Nozzle
  • Steam Mop With Micofiber Pad
  • Trolley

athena optional accessories

Athena Steam Cleaning Machine


The Jupiter Pro delivers a 9-bar pressure for steam and vacuum cleaning and steam only cleaning applications – a versatile machine. With a capacity of 10 litres of water and detergent injection when required PLUS vacuum allows up to 4 hours of continuous cleaning before refilling is required for most cleaning applications.

The Jupiter is delivered with industrial hoses:

  • 1 x steam and vacuum hose
  • 1 x steam only hose

Plus, a range of industrial quality steam tools accessories ensuring there is a steam tool suitable for every job.

Technical Features
  • Maximum Pressure: 9BAR / 130.5PSI
  • Maximum Temperature: 175°C / 347°F
  • Steam output (water): 120gr./min. – 7.2lt./ora
  • Water Tank Volume:10lt. ext. Canister
  • Electric Heating Power: 2200W 10 amp or 3300W 15 amp
  • Boiler Volume: 3Llt.
  • Heat up time: 8-9 minutes
  • Voltage: 240V~ 50Hz
  • Boiler Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • Dimensions LxWxH:76cm x 48 x 115cm
  • Net Weight: 35kg
  • Dry steam regulation: Yes
  • Wetness/Detergent Function: Yes
  • Detergent Tank Volume: 10lt. Ext. Canister
  • Vacuum: YES
  • Vacuum power: 1200 Watt
  • Vacuum Container Volume: 20lt.
  • Length power cable: 5mt
Included Accessories
  • Steam only and steam and vacuum accessories kit

jupiter accessories

Optional Accessories
  • Steam mop head
  • Microfiber pad

jupiter optional accessories

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