Walk Behind Scrubbers

A battery operated floor scrubber is the ultimate portable floor cleaning machine

walk behind floor scrubbers

Walk Behind Battery Floor Scrubber Dryer Models 531T / 612T

Byte is the new small 53 cm or 61 cm scrubber/drier, economical and very compact , dirty solution pick up capacity with every turning radius.

Very generous in its performance, with  traction drive.   The 531T version is single brush 53cm scrub head and the 612T version has twin brushes with a 61cm scrub head.  With a theoretical cleaning capacity of up to 2,745 sq.m/hour this unit is  suitable for cleaning smaller sized areas such as:

  • Pools and sport facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel and restaurant
  • Supermarkets
  • Small and medium industrial premises
  • Workshops
  • Shops and showrooms
  • Car dealers and garages


Features and benefits

  • all controls to hand and easy to operate
  • excellent drying capacity that can be walked on immediately after drying
  • good visibility to front and both sides
  • dries perfectly and leaves no wet traces
  • dexterity of the squeegee makes the Byte easy to use, even around obstacles and right into corners
  • four sided squeegee blade
  • high capacity anti-corrosion polythene tanks
  • as portable solution tank
  • level discharging solution tank
  • detergent measure
  • large battery compartment for long running time (utilising no maintenance sealed batteries)
  • battery charger fitted on to the machine, digital smart charger that will automatically cut out when battery pack is full
  • forward and reverse electric traction for easy climbing of ramps etc

Need more information on our portable floor scrubbers?

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