Conveyor Belt Steam Cleaning

Heavy duty steam cleaning machines

Doman is an Italian manufacturer of industrial steam cleaners, specialising in heavy duty steam cleaning for commercial and industrial use. The SuperVap is a popular choice for food and beverage industries, chemical production, Industrial applications and pharmaceuticals. These models are manufactured using the highest grade steel to ensure longevity. Despite its size, it is also remarkably portable thanks to sturdy wheels. Our conveyor belt steam cleaning systems are custom made to suit your individual requirements.

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SuperVap steam cleaning machine


The SuperVap is a leading industrial steam cleaner model which makes light work of tough stains. This conveyor belt steam cleaner uses high temperatures and low pressure from two 4.5L boilers to effectively and powerfully clean. It is a heavy duty industrial 3 phase steam cleaning machine, delivering 10 bars of steam pressure and 213 of steam per minute. Despite this high level of steam generation, this machine is able to use very little water and is considered incredibly environmentally friendly.

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