What is the Rotowash

A Floor Cleaner That Suits Any Floor Type

Rotowash is the ultimate all in one floor cleaner. This is one of the best commercial floor scrubber and cleaner you will find in the market.

The unique features of this floor cleaning machine makes cleaning a breeze. You can move from one floor type to another in minutes. Best of all whilst it’s giving the floor a deep scrub it will be also collecting the dirty water in to a specialised container. So the floors will be dry to walk on in minutes.

Rotowash Features

  • Made only in Austria
  • Portable & easy to use
  • Reduce chemical usage by up to 90%
  • Reduce water usage by up to 90%
  • Scrubs, washes & dries all floor surfaces – indoor or outdoor
  • Quality Assurance – internationally recognised safety standards:
  • Specialised commercial and industrial applications including escalators, travelators and entrance matting
  • Deep cleans including tiles, grout lines, porcelain, carpets, timber, vinyl, pavers and more.
  • Large water container to capture dirty water
  • Floors dry to walk on (including Carpets) in minutes
  • No waste water left behind

An innovative machine from Austria that cleans all types of hard and soft floors, including tiles, grout, slip floor, carpets, lino, vinyl, concrete, wood, marble, and rubber. This commercial floor scrubber is the cleaner of choice for contractors and professionals alike. It’s portable, simple, and straightforward to use, Rotowash features a dual contra-rotating cylindrical brush system that provides superior cleaning results and leave the surface dry ready to walk on in no time, removing unpleasant odours that can be left by traditional cleaning methods / machines.


How the Rotowash Works

Rotowash is an innovative cleaning system that combs, lifts and opens carpet fibres in both directions to release soiling and dirt caught deep within the pile. On hard floors, Rotowash thoroughly and effectively lifts and removes dirt, grime and build up. Regular maintenance using a Rotowash machine works to restore floor coverings and removes trapped dirt, releasing unpleasant odours and offering a thorough clean protecting your floor covering investment.

Check out the video below where Tony from Rotowash SA provides an in-depth review of the Rotowash

Check out the Rotowash results

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