Haaga Sweeper 677 Battery

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The HAAGA 677 Sweeps twice with one move. The two front brushes rotate in opposite directions grabbing the big debris directly in front of the sweeper while the brush roller on the bottom picks up all the small particles.

  • Triple brush turbo sweeper
  • Battery powered with a run time of up to 2 hours that can also be used as a manual push sweeper without the battery to complete any cleaning task if running of low power.
  • Side rollers for cleaning along walls, walkways and curbs areas
  • Quiet enough to clean in and around customers
  • iSweep allows the gears to be self lubricating without wear
  • Overlaying disc brushes for better performance
  • Brush height adjustment to clean various types of surfaces
  • Unique beltless drive for durability and ease of use
  • Intelligent Airflow System to minimise dust
  • Vertical storage to save space
  • Perfect for Facility managers, cleaning companies, warehouses, factories, and large industrial areas.
  • Sweeping Performance (per hour) 3,600m2
  • Sweep Width: 77cm Waste Bin Capacity: 50L
  • Sweeps up fine and course dirt
  • Sweeps up dry as well as wet leaves
  • Light weight construction for fatigue free operation
  • Dust Seals around the third brush
  • 4 Year Warranty on brush wear

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