310 BC Steam Wine Barrel Cleaner

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Steam Machine Model 310BC Made Specifically for Wineries / micro-breweries
Steam Timer  Auto shut off  0  – 60 minutes
Outlets Steam 1- 4 barrels at a time* model dependant
Safety switches Cut/Off Water / Machine
Save water
Chemical free
Steam difusser  wine probe  over 100 deg <120 seconds temp reader on probe Clean & Sanitise - All Natural Steam Vapour Save Water The Model 310BC range is a heavy duty industrial 3 phase 20/32 Amp steam machines capable of cleaning 1-4 wine barrels at the one time, fitted with auto shut off timer per wine probe. Simply set your desired time to steam each wine barrel from 0 – 60 minutes and the Model 310BC will do the rest…piece of mind, no need to constantly check and every barrel steam cleaned at the same time and rate as you set… creating a consistent outcome. Delivering steam at 180oC at 10 bar pressure will make light work of removing tartrates and sanitising your barrel investment, environmentally friendly.