Hera Steam Cleaner

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A new cleaning machine that guarantees excellent hygiene on all surfaces, thanks to its many functions.

The use of water as a main element makes it a truly safe and environmentally friendly machine. Its power allows for use in both domestic and professional use. If necessary, the Hera changes into a powerful steam iron with unlimited autonomy. Due to its small dimensions, it is easy to move and handle and it can be stored anywhere.

Even richer and more versatile

  • Powerful suction of solids and liquids
  • Air cleaning
  • Steam sanitation
  • Enriched steam washing (power jet)
  • Cold delicate washing
  • Instant drying
  • Professional ironing

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Technical Features
  • Steam Pressure: 6.5 Bar
  • Recharging System: Auto
  • Ready Steam: 5 Min
  • Boiler size: 1.5 Lt
  • Boiler material: Stainless Steel
  • Vacuum: YES
  • Vacuum power: 2400MM
  • Vacuum Tank Capacity: 5.5Lt.
  • Size: 37 x 30 x 41
  • Weight: 12Kg

Some of its most important features

  • plastic high-resistance, protections against shocks
  • cooled ergonomic handle
  • intuitive switchboard with digital display
  • controls and adjustments also on the handle
  • double turbine motor
  • great collection capacity up to 6 litres
  • the biggest water filter in its category
  • molecular separator
  • steam at 6.5 bar with unlimited supply
  • energy-saving boiler
  • Automatic refilling

A high-pressure pump injects water directly into the boiler, keeping its level always constant while using the steam.

  • It cleans the air
    Water filter and molecular separator to gain an effective air cleaning
    VT6 air cleaning cycle
  • It washes, it sanitizes
    Steam, ready to be used in less than 7 minutes, assures a very good hygienic clean everytime
  • Vacuum
    Without bags or filters to change, the suction power stays always at high levels
  • It sucks liquids
    The waste tank has a capacity to hold almost 6 litres, making it more efficient
  • It irons
    The powerful jet of steam (6.5 bar) guarantees a professional level ironing
Standard Accessories Kit

vt6 steam accessories

Optional Accessories
  • Professional Upholstery Nozzle
  • Steam Mop With Micofiber Pad
  • Iron
  • Trolley