Grout and Tile Cleaning – Part 2: The Easy Way


You can clean your tiles and grout one way or another. This article will describe the easy way of cleaning grout and tiles.

Therefore, some homeowners, business owners and commercial contractors look for alternativegrout cleaning methods that allow them to clean their grout from a standing position AND in less time.

There are two alternative grout cleaning methods…


1. Grout Cleaning Machines

If you do not want to work on your hands and knees and are looking for a faster way to clean tile grout, then you should consider the Rotowash Specialist Floor Cleaning Machine…

Rotowash floor cleaning machines offer an effective and economic solution to this problem

The complete range of Rotowash machines are designed to create a superior quality clean using fresh water only to hygienically clean hard floor surfaces and render dust particles and hairs inert, prior to collection by the contra-rotating brush action.

The Rotowash floor cleaning machine SCRUBS, RINSES and DRIES floor surfaces, leaving them dry and ready to walk on almost immediately.

At Rotowash, we understand that there is a more effective and efficient way of doing things. For over four decades, we have been supplying one of the world’s best floor cleaning machines all over the world, producing a superior deep clean – ensuring that stubborn dirt and grime is scrubbed and lifted from almost any floor surface. What a clever cleaning solution!

The Rotowash floor cleaning machine scrub, clean, rinse and dry floors in a flash. They:

  • Are easy to operate.
  • Provide visibly superior cleaning results.
  • Use up to 90% less water.
  • Reduce chemical usage.
  • Clean and sanitise floor surfaces without the use of aggressive brushes.
  • Are designed to clean all types of floor surfaces: tiles, grout, vinyl, safety floors, Flotex, commercial and domestic grade carpets, laminates, sports floors, escalators.
  • Produce a healthier environment – with no more respiratory or allergy concerns.


2. Professional Grout Cleaning

If you do not want to take even the small amount of time that is required to use a grout cleaning machine, then you might be interested in our tile and grout cleaning services.

Costs vary depending on the size of the room, the type of room, and how dirty the tiles and grout are to begin with. For more information on specific questions please contact us or complete our Contact Form.

Click here to watch the Rotowash Floor Cleaning Machine in action.


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